AltonWorks is committed to becoming the premier relocation destination for remote workers in downstate Illinois. As a collar community to St. Louis, Alton is well-positioned regionally as an affordable alternative to urban congestion with cost-of-living advantages, essential services, and livability amenities unavailable in more remote locations in the region.

A master plan for revitalization was developed along with strategies to rebuild downtown Alton and the region by implementing community building projects and programs in six interconnected focus areas.

Each focus area exponentially advances livability, attracts public and private partners, instills confidence and builds momentum. These focus areas will emerge as key influencers of regional prosperity and match our assets to catalytic opportunities. They find productive alignment with national, state, and local community-building priorities and reveal the cohesive, transformative nature of our aspirations to contribute to positive social change.

Our results-driven, high-impact approach builds investor awareness and resident confidence, helping prove Alton to be an attractive relocation destination. Our plans are to collaborate with partners such as the State of Illinois and approach these projects as shared opportunities that benefit the entire community.


Park Park

Photo by: Carmen Troesser

Park Park will add 1.8 acres of green space and a food truck park. The design of Park Park includes places for children to play, open spaces to gather, and a variety of trees and planting. The Jacoby Art Center will spill out into the park, providing a unique space for special events, weddings, gallery openings, and performances. The central lawn will be an ideal space for yoga, tai chi, catch, frisbee, community gatherings, and movies in the park. The park will be instrumental in creating space for everyone and emphasizing the importance of having a community place that promotes health and wellness for all ages.

This initial investment will bring downtown Alton’s east end to life with first-floor vibrancy, new places to work and play, and new residents. This investment will spur additional projects in the surrounding downtown area, building upon Alton’s existing assets of historic structures, hardworking people, and breathtaking natural resources.

Flock Food Truck Park & Bar

210 Ridge St, Alton, IL 62002

Photo by: Carmen Troesser
Photo by: Carmen Troesser

Local restauranters and Alton residents Laura and Matt Windisch of Stacked Burger Bar have partnered with AltonWorks to open Flock, a food truck park in downtown Alton offering locally sourced culinary treats for the entire family. Flock hosts food trucks for cocktails, lunch and dinner.

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13–15 E. Broadway

13–15 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002

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Photo by: Jenna Carlie

Ciao Bella

443 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002

Photo by: Carmen Troesser
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Grand Theatre

230 Market St., Alton, IL 62002

Photo by: Carmen Troesser