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We  have a choice to self-determine our fate and develop innovative and actionable strategies with defined measures that can model approaches to creating a community that is welcoming to all. To be successful, it will take locally-driven, collaborative problem-solving approaches to create a new Alton that works for everyone.

We know there will be some people who will want to see the revival in action before they believe it, and that’s understandable. So, we are talking with people about some big ideas and soliciting community feedback on what you would like to see in Alton.

“We are asking people to open their hearts and minds to a new way of envisioning downtown Alton. There is so much potential here that could benefit the entire community. The revitalization will take collaboration, a planful approach and will occur over the next 10 years and beyond.” – Jayne Simmons


We believe that linking and leveraging local and regional assets purposefully can ignite game-changing opportunities and also stir a shared interest and effort toward lifting the region. For this downtown vision to come alive, the community will require both public and private investment.

Private and public investment will be sought to develop projects that will foster Alton’s revitalization vision, including public infrastructure (parks, streets, parking, streetscape, pedestrian and bicycle connectivity), historic district certification, transit connectivity, workforce development, minority workforce training, business attraction/relocation, broadband public infrastructure.

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We believe the City of Alton, the region and all of downstate Illinois could greatly benefit by implementing an integrated public-private, collaborative actionable plan for community revitalization. The AltonWorks path forward will be realized through development strategies and planning efforts designed to inspire cooperation, public and private investment, local innovation and action throughout the region. AltonWorks is ready to stand with other capacity builders to reinvigorate Alton’s historic downtown and riverfront and serve as a catalytic force toward lifting the region.


As some communities are simply thinking about how to quell the population decline in small, rural cities, the community of Alton believes it can buck that trend. We believe that in today’s world, ‘talent’ is looking for a great place to live, and Alton can be that community. That’s why so many prominent local institutions are central to this effort, serving as capacity builders, conveners, consensus builders, and thought leaders, empowering individual entrepreneurs and advancing collective actions that reveal an instructive regional model of cooperation and measured impact.

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Over the last several years, while the world was coping with the consequences of the pandemic, AltonWorks was busy making plans to help transform downtown Alton into a place where people who want to work, live, and play can belong. To activate a plan as large as the transformation of downtown Alton, it takes the cooperation of many government agencies locally, regionally, and nationally.  AltonWorks has developed a federal, state, and local legislative advocacy agenda that focuses on the advancement of AltonWorks' projects, the Wedge Innovation Center, and outdoor recreation in Illinois.

AltonWorks was founded on the principles of livability, environmental stewardship, social justice, and inclusivity and believes in rebuilding communities for optimum social impact. As an intermediary organization, AltonWorks offers thought leadership, planning, convening, and connecting, adding capacity to the Region’s ability to attract funding, expand social impact, catalyze economic growth, and anchor downstate recovery.

This document outlines the requests AltonWorks has made on the local, state, and national level for financial support to fund the future growth and health of downtown Alton. These funds will be utilized to provide opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, retirees, families, visitors, residents who want upward mobility and job opportunities.



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There are several ways you can get involved in the future of your community. We have opened a community engagement office at 601 E. Broadway. This space has been specially designed to ignite the ideas and creativity of people who are interested in being a part of Alton’s revitalization.



Whether you were born in Alton or you moved here sometime later, we are all attracted to that special “something” that makes Alton home. We invite you to share your story. What do you love about Alton? Why is it the perfect place for you? What is your favorite memory? Share your stories with us so we can share them with others.



At AltonWorks, we strive to create a community where everyone can find a place to belong. As a diverse community, we know each of us enjoys something special about Alton. If you have a favorite Alton memory, we would love for you to share it with us.

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